“A Better Way to Buy Firearms”

The traditional “brick and mortar” gun shop is not the best way to buy firearms anymore.  The internet allows firearms dealers a better way to offer products without the overhead expense of the traditional storefront.  The result?  You, the purchaser save money.

“How Does it Work?”

We have sold hundreds of firearms all over the US and provide expertise in decision making.  It’s simple:

1.     Determine the gun you want (make and model)

2.     Search for the firearm on our website. 

3.     If you do not find the specific gun you want, complete our “Free Quote Request” form

4.     Click “Submit”

                     Free Quote Request

We will search for the best price from our many Distributors and email you our “Guaranteed Best Deal”.  To complete the purchase, call 706-406-3350.  We will handle the transfer if you are local or help you identify a local FFL Dealer.


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