We are proud to carry four lines from this manufacturer. Any of them will provide durable, reliable, accurate firearms for your peace of mind.  Click through to our website to discover full details and to see other pistols in each series. Introductory pricing is available for a short time.

The CM Series takes the features of the CW series and incorporates them into a smaller 3″ barrel weapon which is  well suited for concealed carry.

The CT series has a 4″ barrel, a full-size polymer frame, a stainless steel slide, and a white bar-dot sight.

The CW Series feature conventional rifling and a 3.6″ barrel.

The PM Series is perhaps the best American made Semi Auto with a 3.1″ barrel and 6 rounds.

KAHR CM Series pistol

KAHR Arms CM Series

KAHR CT Series

KAHR Arms CT Series

KAHR CW Series

KAHR Arms CW Series






KAHR PM Series

KAHR Arms PM Series