3 Myths About Gun Accessories and Cleaning Kits

gun accessories for accuracy

What accessories improve your shooting?

Everyone wants to be the most accurate and consistent shooter they can be. We all know practice makes perfect. Beyond that, most people believe it takes fancy equipment to get bulls eyes consistently. Let’s take a look at three myths about gun accessories and then see the simple, common sense truth that can help you sharpen your marksmanship skills.

Myth # 1: The Latest Gun Accessories Will Make You a Better Shooter

It’s enjoyable to have the latest gun accessories and equipment. Scopes, sights, a better stock all seem to be desired accessories, but that can be pricey and won’t necessarily make you a better shooter.

If you have a few guns or more, and need accessories for each one, the price grows. If you have an unlimited budget, that’s great, but most people have to plan their spending carefully to maximize their hard earned dollars.

Myth # 2: You Need To Spend a Lot of Money To Shoot Well

Spending a lot of money is not the way to shooting well. As I mentioned, becoming a better marksman does take practice, we all know that’s true. Unless you have your own home range, going to the shooting range does cost money, so practicing may have a price beyond ammo (although many ranges offer memberships and discounts).

Other than that, as long as you know how to handle the gun you are shooting with, it doesn’t matter if it’s a gun that cost a few hundred or a few thousand dollars.

Myth # 3: Your Firearms Will Last Forever With Little Maintenance

The “no maintenance” myth is a pretty simple one to bust. Your guns need maintenance, it’s that simple. Part of being a responsible gun owner means you care for your guns. There’s more than enough negative media buzz about firearms. Gun owners need to send the right message: We are responsible, we keep our guns locked up tight when not in use, and we maintain our weapons.

The Truth: Whatever Gun You Buy, You Need to Care for It with a Good Cleaning Kit

You can own an inexpensive .22 or a scoped high-powered rifle. Whatever the case, if you don’t clean and maintain your gun, it’s going to impact your accuracy and the performance of your firearm.

If you don’t maintain your weapon, any buildup inside can cause:

  • Ammo feed failure
  • Failure to fire
  • Jamming
  • Corrosion and rust
  • Parts failure

And a weapon that could last many lifetimes becomes scrap metal.

Ask any law enforcement officer who depends on their weapon for their life and safety, you have to keep it clean.

Keeping your gun clean maintains and possibly increases its value.

A good cleaning kit is necessary to ensure you do a thorough job. Having the latest and greatest gun accessories, or spending a whole lot of money on expensive weapons, may seem like the way to becoming a better shooter, but maintained weapons should be your first priority.

Did you enjoy this? Stay tuned for our next post on keeping your firearms well cared for.

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  1. You have also the point when you say having the latest and greatest gun accessories, or spending a whole lot of money on weapons, may seem like the way to becoming a better shooter, but in my own opinion it will also depend on how you take good care of your weapon accessories.


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