Best $1,000 List of Shooting Accessories

The Armasight Vampire 3X CORE Night Vision Riflescope is an excellent example of shooting accessories in the $1000 range

Armasight Vampire 3X CORE Night Vision Riflescope

Upgrading with shooting accessories will make your firearm more enjoyable and effective. These are shooting accessories in the $1,000 range that offer the most practicality and advantages.

  • Telescopic Sights/Optics
  • Low to Mid-Range Night Vision Optics

Telescopic Sights/Optics

Burris Veracity Scope 5-25x50mm

Burris Veracity Scope 5-25x50mm

When hunting with a long gun, a telescopic sight will most definitely increase your accuracy. By virtue of the fact that you can be sitting and waiting on your target, in a location far away in a high vantage point, improves accuracy greatly. This offers you the ability to settle in and wait without alerting your prospective target.

Telescopic sights are made for particular targets. The different uses are indicated by the parameters of the optics. Some of these parameters are:

View – The view of a scope is the width that can been seen when looking through it at any number of yards or feet from the target.

Lens Diameter – This regulates how much light can be gathered from an objective. The measurement is usually shown in millimeters.

Magnification – This is a ratio between the length of the eyepiece and the distance of the target. This gives you the magnification power of the scope. For example, a 10 power shows the image as if it were 10 times closer. However, a larger magnification will show you a smaller view.

Eye Relief – This is the distance between the rear lens and your viewing eye point. The longer the rear eye piece, the greater the eye relief. This is most important when taking into consideration the recoil when firing. Eye relief is also very important to someone who wears eyeglasses. In this case, a longer eye relief space is needed in order to clearly see the entire field of view.

Low to Mid-Range Night Vision Optics

If you are using your firearm at night, these night vision shooting accessories are absolutely necessary. Modern technology offers you the clarity of day time in darkness. They are water and fog resistant. Overall, these type of scopes offer all the same qualities and parameters as daytime scopes.

On some models, computer chips are used to save settings for certain circumstances, which can be recalled for later use. In this price range of up to $1,000, most come with a two year warranty. Many are equipped with an infrared illuminator. In either case, a day or night sniper scope on a long gun will improve your experience by 100%.

It’s worth the investment to buy higher range shooting accessories, as it will increase your accuracy and open up more opportunities for you to shoot in different types of environments. A higher-end accessory will give more satisfaction with your results.

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