Best $3,000 List of Shooting Accessories

ATN Corporation PVS7 CGT night vision goggle

ATN Corporation PVS7 CGT night vision goggle

Night vision shooting accessories will improve your nighttime capabilities tremendously. In the $3,000 range, these types of shooting accessories are lightweight and tough. The glass used is dust-proof, waterproof, and shock resistant. With this kind of budget, you can get some of the best designed accessories for the most challenging night time operations.

Night vision technology has been around since the 1940s. The evolution of night vision technology has made working in the dark much easier. Modern night vision devices make tasks possible in the dark that were previously almost impossible. These shooting accessories make hunting in the dark easier than it has ever been:

  • Thermal Vision Sights
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • Weapon Mounted Binoculars

Thermal Vision Sights

Thermal vision sights are equipped with expanded technology for high resolution and recognition in the pitch dark. The detection software gives you unmistakable visibility. The sights are able to detect animal movement up to 1,050 yards away.

Most sighting software offers up to 4X digital zoom and “picture in picture” photography as well as memory. The germanium glass used increases the thermal sensor’s acuteness, thus delivering exceptionally sharp images. This makes it easier to differentiate between rocks, trees, and fast moving animals.

Night Vision Goggles

When it’s imperative to have a optimized view in the dark, a good pair of night vision goggles offers you a clear picture each and every time. A hands free option is the perfect choice for prolonged wear. In this price range of $3,000, it will not be hard to find options that fit your wants and needs.

For example, an image intensifier and an automatic brightness option can easily provide both a clearer image and higher visibility in the various stages of darkness. You should be able to find goggles with a built in infrared setting for further viewing capabilities.

Weapon Mounted Binoculars

Mounting binoculars on your weapon is yet another choice to enhance your hunting experience. Most of these binoculars come with night vision functionality. The dual image tube systems give you incomparable depth-of-field and a larger field of vision than a scope. The binoculars provide more comfort and an unusual look for your weapon. Although these types of accessories offer many options, it’s prudent to research thoroughly before making your decision.

A couple general tips:

  • When you’re shopping for items that will improve your night vision capabilities, it’s important to keep in mind exactly what type of hunting you will be using your equipment with.
  • Establishing a relationship with a helpful and knowledgeable firearms dealer will help you meet your goals.
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