Why Can Military Rifles Be Bought?

military rifleIf we’re going to talk about military rifles – and military weapons in general – then we need to talk about Hollywood. Yes, Matt Damon, that means you. How Hollywood uses mighty firepower imagery in must-see blockbuster movies matters. It’s time for Hollywood big shots to stop pointing fingers and start taking responsibility for the false image military-style weapons are getting from the mainstream media. Be part of the solution – not the problem.

And it IS a problem – a big one created by Hollywood and their action-packed, firepower-driven movies. Matt Damon, like other Hollywood hotshots, decries gun ownership but rakes in the big bucks playing Jason Bourne or similar highly-armed characters. In their personal lives, these stars employ gun-toting bodyguards to protect themselves and their families. Then, they twist facts to stir American opinion by using tragedy, like mass shootings and terrorist attacks, to create fear.

Talk about hypocrisy.

The issue

The burning question of military weaponry and who needs to have that kind of military rifles is often at the epicenter of the gun control debate. Before we answer that question, let’s get something straight: what mainstream media and gun opponents call military weapons are NOT. As an example, we’re going to look at the AR-15 since gun opponents like to parade it as the poster child ‘assault rifle’ posing the largest threat to Americans.

The AR-15 was first designed by ArmaLite, that’s what the AR represents – not assault rifle as mainstream media likes to believe. Colt kept the AR name when they bought the rights to the rifle. Colt altered the AR-15 by repositioning the charging handle to the rear of the receiver. This became the M16.

The two weapons are nearly indistinguishable in appearance only. Key internal elements, like the bolt carrier and internal lower functions, are different and cannot be substituted between weapons.

Why the AR-15?

The short answer to its popularity is customization. From ammunition to recoil and weight, and almost everything in between, an AR-15 can be fitted to the individual owner and their needs. Its popularity among sensible gun owners and enthusiasts is about its adaptability, reliability and accuracy. The AR-15 can take out small pests, make regular hunting trips, and be your home defense weapon of choice.

That’s why conscientious gun owners want to own an AR-15. They’re not looking to overpower and kill anyone with their rifle.

Why is that important?

For some reason, gun opponents fail to recognize the individuals who use military-grade firearms to commit large-scale violent crimes don’t go through legal channels to purchase a weapon. Banning military-style weapons – heck any firearm – isn’t going to prevent violent crimes from occurring. The bad guys will ALWAYS find a way to arm themselves.

We don’t mean to sound trite BUT if the bad guys are armed why shouldn’t we have the ability to protect ourselves, our families and our communities? When did it become reprehensible to want to defend ourselves and our families? Or is it only in blockbuster movies that the underdog is allowed to slay Goliath?


Gun enthusiasts – individuals with more than a few firearms – are often labeled as anti-government crazies. That needs to stop. Responsible gun owners are law abiding citizens. They practice safety when handling their weapons. They don’t require seedy dealers to get their ammo, customization kits or weapons.

Seedy dealers and other black market channels for illegally obtained weaponry – that’s where the focus should be for addressing mass shootings. The focus should not be on stripping lawful gun owners of their Second Amendment rights.

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