Concealed Carry and Home Defense Strategy

home defense strategy of castles

Castles were built with home defense in mind

So, you’re a responsible gun owner who spends time each month at your favorite shooting range getting to know your firearm(s). And you have an emergency home defense strategy for your family, just in case. But are you really prepared to defend your home in a crisis?

Being armed at home and having a firearm in a lock box hidden out-of-sight and out-of-reach are two totally different things – especially when intruders invade your home.

Armed at Home

In our discussions on concealed carry, we’ve only talked about concealed carry in public places.  Now, it’s time to talk about the benefits of concealed carry at home. You may live in one of the last places where a home invasion could occur, but it still can happen. And it can happen to you.

Think about it. You carry all day in public places but chances are one of the first things you do when you get home is remove your weapon, unload it and lock it away. Why? The people you love the most and would die for are in your home. Shouldn’t they be protected against the unforeseen?

You’ll have only a few seconds to arm yourself and protect your family against someone entering your home uninvited. How comfortable do you feel with your ability to quickly get your weapon, load it and get in place to defend your family and home from immediate danger?

Chances are good that you’ll fumble with it and lose precious time.  Would you be better off already armed? You need to be honest here because it may be the difference between life and death. Unless it happens to you every day, even steady hands are going to feel the stress of being in this situation. It’s your family and your home. No one is supposed to disrespect that.

The truth is you may be more at risk at home than just about anywhere else. Why? Your personal defenses are down. Show of hands, how many have left the garage door open and run into the house or out back? That’s a point of entry for an intruder, especially if it’s done routinely and someone is casing the area for security breaches like that. The point is, your home is vulnerable to intruders and you’re most likely the cause.

Another advantage of concealed carrying at home? Knowing you can quickly protect home and family will help you think more clearly, avoiding mistakes that can lead to tragedy.

Safe Room

Owning a firearm(s) shouldn’t be your sole home defense strategy. Your family needs a plan of where to go and what to do in case of a home invasion. Maybe you have a safe room set up in your basement. What’s your strategy if you can’t get there? Do you have another safe place or a way to escape?

As scary as this conversation may be, you need to think about it. It’s better to have a few sleepless nights than be caught unprepared. As with all emergency plans, practice it. Remember, the conversation is scary but practicing your plan doesn’t have to be. Make a game out of it, especially if you have small children.

Emergency Communication

The ability to communicate with people outside your home should ALWAYS be part of your home defense strategy. Landlines and internet connections can be cut. Make sure you have a data plan for your cell phone. That will let you get a message to someone regardless. Keep your phone charged and close by at all times.

Some other common-sense precautions:

  • As soon as you hear a suspicious noise, lower the volume on your phone so incoming texts or phone calls don’t alert intruders to where you are in your home.
  • Call 911 as soon as possible, even if you can’t speak. The line will be open and officers dispatched.
  • Send a text to family or friends using a pre-established safe word so they instantly know what your situation is and can contact authorities on your behalf.


A home defense strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. It has to be smart. Make use of whatever element you have that will surprise an intruder. You know your home better than they do. Now, go protect it!

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