Home Defense Surveillance Ideas

home defense surveillance camerasA (wo)man’s home is his (her) castle. That’s no secret. It dates back as far as anyone can remember. Even in the hustle of today’s busy world – your home is your sanctuary and protecting it from thieves, intruders, fires and everyday life is top priority.

There’s good reason for home defense surveillance. Every 13 seconds a home is burglarized in the U.S. for a total of more than $4 million in lost or stolen property.

Protecting Your Home

Even if you’re part of the roughly 50 percent of American households that don’t have a home defense surveillance system, as responsible gun owners and readers of this blog, you’re ahead of the game. Why? Simple: you’ve created and implemented an emergency plan in case an intruder invades your home during the night while you and your family sleep. And you’ve adopted common sense behaviors to reduce the risk of your home being burglarized when you’re not there.

Still, you’re thinking that isn’t enough? Yeah, we hear you. Home security surveillance is the natural next step in protecting your home. Let’s take a closer look.

Home Defense Security

There are many benefits to a surveillance system to protect your home but it can be pricey and that’s what keeps a lot of American households from indulging in that layer of home defense.

The truth is that a home defense surveillance system doesn’t have to break the bank. And there’s more good news. You are likely to have some of the items for an inexpensive yet effective home defense surveillance system laying around the house.

A non-monitored security system or home defense surveillance system means YOU are responsible for monitoring your home or business. Don’t let that thought intimidate you. It can all be controlled from the palm of your hand: with your smartphone.

Here’s How It Works

Do-it-yourself home surveillance is easier than it seems and while we’re not going to get into the logistics this time around, we’re going to give you some ideas of what you’ll need for a home defense surveillance system that won’t leave you bankrupt.

Know that new gaming system your kids HAVE TO HAVE? Don’t say no just yet. The gaming camera can be used as part of a home defense surveillance system. And that GoPro camera, you know – the one you bought to stick on your dashboard or to capture a pet’s point of view. Yup, that will also do the job as home surveillance system – pair it with a tablet.

Thinking about getting a personal drone? Do it. It can be used to protect your home whether you are there or not. Think of it as an unarmed sentry. With that GoPro camera attached, it can even show you what it sees.

Whatever method you choose, you’ll receive notifications on your smartphone when a door opens or a motion detector is activated. Or if a fire breaks out. Call your local authorities immediately to check it out.


Don’t let the do-it-yourself home surveillance rigging deter you from adding it to your home defense strategy. Like other parts of planning for adversity, use your imagination and think of ways to re-purpose what you already have. We’ll talk more about details soon so come back for our follow-up post on the nitty-gritty details of do-it-yourself home surveillance.

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