How to Buy a Gun Online

Buy a gun online to get the best price and selectionThe world is changing with the evolution of online shopping. Many brick and mortar stores keep their inventory small, in order to make ends meet in this economic climate. If you shop locally, you may not be able to find what you are looking for so easily. By the time you do find it, it may have a higher demand, therefore increasing the price. Why not purchase your next gun online? Let’s go over some important points on how to buy a gun online.

When you know how to buy a gun online, you can save a lot of time and travel trying to find just exactly what you want. An online purchase makes it easier for you to make your own decision. Making an informed online purchase will significantly reduce the possibility of you being sold something, rather than buying what you want.

Learning how to buy a gun online is much easier than you may think:

  1. Find the gun that you want
  2. Locate an FFL dealer
  3. Purchase your gun
  4. Pick up your gun

1) Find the Gun that You Want

Once you decide the manufacturers you are most interested in, from the comfort of home, you can go to their website to get all the specifications – 24 hours a day. Your personal computer is a vast resource of information on guns; it can most certainly help you decide what you want. There are numerous online reviews, including videos from people who own the actual gun you are searching for. A salesperson may have never used the item.

2) Locate an FFL Dealer

You need a local FFL dealer to receive your gun. They handle any necessary background checks as well. If you don’t have an FFL dealer nearby that you have a relationship with, it’s easy to locate the nearest one by searching a site such as FFL Gun Dealers. There you will find locations, phone numbers and directions. Give them a call. They’ll most likely be glad to guide you and receive your item for a nominal fee.

3) Purchase Your Gun

It’s wise to perform due diligence in order to make sure you’re dealing with reputable people. Purchasing directly from an FFL website offering the gun for sale will make the transaction smoother and probably less expensive. Payment by credit card is the best method for you; if something goes wrong and you have trouble getting a prompt refund, your bank will be on your side and will give your money back.

Ok, now you’ve made your decision. Place your order on the seller website.  Email or call the seller and give them the info of the FFL to where the item will be shipped. Ask the seller to include in the shipment a receipt showing the date and exactly the description of what you purchased. This will start the clock ticking on any waiting period you may have before you’re able to take the gun home.  Most sellers will send you the tracking information so you will know when it arrives at your FFL.

How Safe is an Online Purchase?

Let me add a word about credit card security. Believe it or not, most credit card theft still happens the old fashioned ways: dumpster diving, swiping monthly statements out of mailboxes, and disreputable employees at stores and restaurants who take your credit card out of your sight to process a transaction. Buying something online, even from a small merchant, is usually very safe.

4) Pick Up Your Gun

Once your payment clears, a few days later you should receive a call to pick up your gun. Print out the description of what you bought, so the FFL can match it up with what he received. Be sure to bring your Drivers License as well as your Concealed Carry License (if you have one) to complete the transfer requirements.

You now have exactly what you wanted, quickly and easily, without searching high and low for it locally. Developing this kind of network will be most profitable in the future if you decide to sell or trade your own guns.

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