How to Buy Emergency Food And Keep A Low Profile

Where do you get your emergency food

FEMA emergency food storage containers

Are you ready for an emergency situation during which your family will need a food supply? There is a potential chance that FEMA, or other government aid agencies, will not be able to help you during a disaster. So what do you do if you can’t rely on the government to provide you necessary resources without becoming a target for looters? Let’s find out.

Although you want to care for your family and friends if the unexpected happens, it is easy to be identified as someone who has resources to survive, and you may experience threats for your resources in the event of a catastrophe. What you need to do is buy goods privately and at a low cost to you and your family. One way to accomplish this is to buy emergency food in inconspicuous “bursts”.

We all know that buying too much of the same items at a Costco store or Sam’s Club can get you identified as a resource target, so in order to avoid this, you should also buy emergency food from normal stores like ours to avoid a system that identifies people and connects them to their purchases. If you buy emergency food on sale, it looks completely normal, and you can stock up privately without anyone knowing that you have a large supply of resources at home. You can have the whole family participate in the process, to safely build yourself a 1-year supply of emergency food to get you through any disaster.

Having supplies of emergency food to ration through disasters is key to preparing for long stays at home or leaving and returning. You’ll be able to care for family and close friends when the time becomes necessary. It may be better to have a larger supply of food, but it can be difficult to keep the emergency supply of food from costing too much. If you want to save money, here’s a list of emergency food basics to buy that will cost less than $300, and provide the basic necessities for survival:

  • Rice (100 lbs.)
  • Dried Whole Wheat Grain (200 lbs.)
  • Oatmeal (100 lbs.)
  • Beans (60 lbs.)
  • Powdered Milk (16 lbs.)
  • Olive Oil (30 Quarts)
  • Honey (60 lbs.)
  • Sugar (60 lbs.)
  • Salt (8 lbs.)

This list will keep 1 adult self-sufficient for 1 year. This itemized shopping list is effective for people who are pressed for time, and want an emergency stock that will last for 30 years. Depending on your preferences, you can add powdered eggs, yeast, butter powder, canned goods, broths, peanut butter, freeze-dried meats, vegetables, fruit and other non-perishables. It is up to you to get creative.

We’re here to listen and help you be prepared for whatever comes. We strive to have the products you want in-stock at the best price. If not in stock, we can find it for you! We keep you updated. Let us know what you need and we will be there to help.

Buy quality goods once from someone who understands your concerns.

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