Layaway Plans To The Rescue

layaway plans for your budgetSo you have your eye on that new rifle. Or maybe it is a dehydrator to help you preserve that harvest you expect from your garden this year. But the price is a bit much to swing all at once. Have you considered layaway plans?

When it comes to making the budget work, a layaway plan can be a real godsend. Separate from your credit card(s), this is a way to arrange an extended payment plan.

Are Layaway Plans Obsolete?

Layaway plans used to be common alternatives to using a credit card. Major department stores, in particular, used to offer them to make paying for holiday gifts easier to manage.

Layaway plans are not as common in these days of credit and debit cards, but they still have their place. If the store (online or physical) where¬†you want to purchase that must-have rifle (or dehydrator or smoker or tree stand or camera …) offers a layaway plan, it would be a good idea to ask about the details of what terms apply and what sorts of purchases are included.

Typical Layaway Plan Terms

For instance, terms may include:

  • what items can be purchased on a layaway plan
  • what minimum price point can be put on a layaway plan
  • schedule of payments
  • consequence of missed payments
  • details on how to apply for a layaway plan (typically this means talking with someone)

Bring That New Item Home Sooner!

It may be that you can manage to take home that new item sooner than you thought.

Layaway plans tend to be a part of personal customer service that is available in some customer-centric stores. Not all big box stores offer such services. Take a look at the whole picture of ownership (when, how much does it cost, what customer support can I get, etc.) when you go looking to acquire those special large-ticket items.

If you have not thought it possible to buy a gun online, think again. We wrote about that here.

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