Who Needs A Military Rifle For Self Defense?

military rifle and self defenseWhether it’s the AR-15, Ruger Mini-14 or some other military-style rifle you’re contemplating for self-defense, prepare yourself for a lot of questions. The big one is – why does anyone in their right mind need THAT much power for self-defense? Before you let your mouth get ahead of you, take a deep breath and enlighten your audience.

Remember, your willingness to take the emotion out of THIS discussion doesn’t mean the other side will play nice. Gun opponents will continue to shriek about how owning such a firearm is unacceptable and excessive. Answer it anyway. You might end up educating the ill-informed about military-style rifles.

So, let’s get to it.

Self-Defense Rifle

The very words “self-defense” expresses what you want to achieve by gearing up against the bad guys with a military-style rifle. But what is it about THESE firearms for self-defense that has so many responsible gun owners/enthusiasts…well…enthusiastic? Good question.

HINT 1: There are many answers.

We recommend asking yourself, and your buddies, these questions about what you want in a self-defense rifle. HINT: the bold words reveal the pros of using a military-style rifle for self-defense.

Are you looking for precision or do you just want to scare the assailant off?
Do you want stopping power or just enough power to discharge the ammo (think warning shot; like they did in the Old Westerns when a gun was shot in the air).
How important is reliability when you’re up against someone with the intent to fatally harm you or someone else?

Next Steps

A visit to your favorite firing range to shoot a military-style weapon is the natural next step to understanding why they’ve become a must-have for self-defense. Try this: shoot a handgun – even if you’re an old hand at firearms but haven’t ever paid much attention to rifles – and then switch it up with a military rifle. We suggest shooting more than one model, if possible, before making a final decision. Accuracy improved?  Yeah, that’s why military-style rifles are worth a look.

Important Reminder

Still on the fence about a military-style rifle for self-defense? We urge you not to allow controversy and misinformed public opinion to deter you. Remember, choosing a rifle, regardless of its use, is a personal choice. Do your recon and you’ll end up with the rifle that best suits your needs/wants.


The idea that a military-style rifle for the purpose of self-defense is overkill is absurd. These rifles are reconfigured from their military-grade cousins whose sole purpose is to DEFEND the lives of those carrying them. They’re designed with self-defense in mind.

Of course, gun opponents will focus on this point – military-style rifles have a single purpose: to kill. That’s not entirely wrong. Hang on. Hear us out. You don’t point a firearm at another human being without being prepared to take a life. And the truth is an intruder/assailant wouldn’t be staring down the barrel of a military-style rifle if they weren’t intent on causing you or your family/friends fatal injury.

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