Proper Gun Storage – Protect Your Investment

Proper gun storage comes in many forms

Proper gun storage is as essential as ammo.

As I discussed in 3 Myths About Gun Accessories and Cleaning Kits, you should keep your firearms well maintained by using a good gun cleaning kit. This improves your marksmanship and will extend the life of your firearms. Now, let’s talk about proper gun storage.

Why You Should Have Proper Gun Storage

As a gun owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure your firearms are properly stored. You want to keep your weapons out of the wrong hands. Though many localities have laws regarding this, it’s always good common sense to store your guns securely. It’s also good practice to keep your guns out of the elements to minimize exposure.

Pistol Storage

Your second gun accessories purchase, after your cleaning kit, is a gun case. You can use the case to store your weapons when you aren’t using them, as well as to safely transport your pistols.

Buy a case with a locking mechanism you know you can keep secure. For example, if you buy a case with a key lock, make sure you keep the keys safe and accessible to you only. Other gun cases have combination locks; keep your combination code confidential as well. The ultimate locking mechanism is a fingerprint scanner. Once your print is on that case, only by scanning your finger will the case open.

Secure cases like these, for your pistols and handguns, act like a gun safe when you’re storing your weapons at home. They can also be used as transport cases when, for example, taking your firearms to the range for target practice.

By law, all pistols are sold with a trigger lock. If you have not purchased a locking pistol safe, at least store the pistol with the trigger lock installed. That will not protect the handgun from theft but it will ensure that children will not be able to fire the gun, if they find it.

Rifle and Shotgun Storage

A gun safe is the recommended way to store your rifles and shotguns. It’s the second most important item on your gun accessories list for a few reasons.

When you’re dealing with a long gun, keeping it in a soft case and sliding it under the bed just isn’t going to cut it. Of course, you want to keep them out of the hands of children or thieves, but you also want to preserve your investment.

Depending on your budget, you can buy a safe that’s light gauge metal with a simple locking mechanism to keep your guns secure. Also, consider a gun safe that is heavier gauge, so it’s fire-resistant and hard to remove from your home in case you’re burglarized.

Make Your Purchase Timely

Make sure you have locking cases for your pistols or a secure safe for your rifles or shotguns – before or soon after – your weapons purchase. You want your firearms to be away from kids, locked away as required by law, safe from fire and theft, and out of the elements such as dust and moisture. Your guns will have better and long-lasting performance.

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