What Are The Best Concealed Carry Guns?

best concealed carry guns need holsters, too

Suitable for concealed carry?

Choosing to carry a concealed firearm is about more than just guns and ammo. It’s a lifestyle choice more people are making. Last time, we talked about the pros/cons of concealed carry. This time, let’s look at some factors you’ll want to consider before going ahead with concealed carry. First question lots of folks ask is which are the best concealed carry guns? There are a few other things to think about first but we will get there in this post.


Conscientious concealed carry individuals pledge to stay up-to-date on permits; to spend time researching firearms to suit their needs; to spend time at the shooting range getting to know their weapon and experimenting with ammo. And they’ve asked themselves whether they can take another person’s life if it should ever come to that.

Any responsible advocate will tell you: if the answer to any of the above situations is no, DON’T DO IT. Be honest so you don’t become a reason anti-gunners use in their fight to eliminate our Second Amendment Right. There is no shame in deciding against concealed carry.  But if you choose to go ahead with it, here are some things to consider about the gun you select:


Are there firearms better suited for concealed carry? Absolutely. However, the size of a weapon is a purely personal decision. Eventually, the size and weight of a concealed carry weapon will determine how often you carry, where you carry and how you dress. There is not a single answer to what are the best concealed carry guns.

Some people don’t mind a hulking gun on their hip; others want something more streamlined and lighter to carry at the small of their back or on their shoulder. Talk to family/friends, your local gun dealer and people at the shooting range about what they carry and why. Before you make a final decision do your research; especially hands-on research. You should be more comfortable in day-to-day life packing than not.

Remember what concealed carry means – packing a weapon unknown to the general public. Your clothing should reflect that. Wearing looser fitting clothes is as much for your personal safety as for comfort. Think about this when shopping for your firearm.


The short answer: use the biggest and fastest caliber you can responsibly handle; note the word responsibly. If the kickback is going to be so great you can only get off one round, think about using something more manageable. There isn’t going to be a lot of time for recoil recovery.

And the truth is the size of the caliber isn’t nearly as destructive as where the bullet strikes a perp. If you’re a good shot with the intention to stop an attacker, your round will do what you ask of it.

Spend some time trying out different calibers before deciding on what you’re most comfortable shooting. You may be surprised at what you learn.


Make sure your concealed carry firearm is dependable and performs accurately every time. Routine visits to the shooting range to practice will keep you connected with your weapon and improve consistency. Don’t presume a weapon will perform appropriately because you fired it once when your first purchased it. That’s unreasonable and irresponsible; the perfect storm for tragedy to strike.

Clean. Safe. Reliable. That’s concealed carry.

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  1. Douglas West says

    This article is great. Straight to the point an doesn’t leave much out.
    The only thing I would add is ” Get some real training ” if you are going to carry a weapon and expect it it function in a lifesaving role. You should train your mind as well. After all. Your brain is your first defensive weapon in a fight.

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