How To Store Emergency Food So It Stays Edible

How to store emergency food - photo credit "PreservedFood1". Licensed under Public Domain via Commons -

Wondering how to store emergency food? You’ll need more than your grandmother’s pantry.

Buying in bulk is the least expensive way to buy some foods but how do you store it once you get it home? Don’t ruin the deal by wasting the food. Learning how to store emergency food for the long-term is a crucial part of your prepper education.

Whether it is food you have purchased or have grown, packaging your food well will help you handle it more easily, more safely, and for a longer duration than simply storing it in bulk. [Read more…]

No Drugstores? Survival and Natural Remedies

Survival and natural remedies include lavender - photo credit Trish Steel [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Natural remedies like lavender can be cultivated.

You have your survival food stocked.  Your water purification method is ready. Other survival gear is collected but what about your medical needs? Have you prepared for those by thinking about survival and natural remedies? What will you have on hand for survival situations?

There are limits to what you can accumulate and store safely. So knowing how to take advantage of natural remedies, generally renewable and available, can make a big difference. Adding these items to your survival medicine kit will give you additional ammunition when fighting off colds, treating illnesses, scrapes and bruises and surviving in the absence of modern medicine. [Read more…]

Healthy Prepping for Survival

Healthy prepping includes eating right

Healthy prepping begins with what you eat today

Are you “prepping” or are you “healthy prepping?” Your well-being can easily be taken for granted, especially when you are in good health. This can be difficult to maintain in the best of conditions, and downright impossible in bad conditions. Prepping has gotten more popular in recent years, due mainly to Hollywood. Despite the drama, it is vital to take it seriously. Prepping boils down to one basic thing: being ready to survive in any circumstance. [Read more…]

Food Storage is Half The Solution

long-term food storage

Food storage for the long term takes thinking about.

The other half is assuring that the food you stored is actually edible (even appealing) when you need to use it. Preparedness means more than simple stockpiling.

Virtually everyone should have a stock of emergency food supplies. Even a food storage stock of a few canned goods and a jug of water will hold you and your family over for a night or two. Let’s face it, you’ll never know when you need them for any reason. Whether you are hit by a tornado, flooding, or any natural or man-made disaster, you’ll be glad that you had a stock of emergency food stored. [Read more…]