Emergency Plan Contingencies

emergency plan contingencies away from homeThe world is an uncertain place these days. We don’t need to tell you that. We don’t say it to create a panic. We say it so you will think about being prepared for just about anything, including a sudden and unexpected self-defense situation away from home. The best-laid emergency plans can’t consider every potential danger everywhere you go. You get to deal with the situation at hand, whatever that is. [Read more…]

Summer Survival Gardening to Beat the Heat

summer survival gardening in the summer sunSummer heat announces the summer survival gardening season.

While many people view the summer equinox as the official start of their summer vacation season, survival gardeners, like you, know it’s the last day to plant fruits/vegetables that will yield a late harvest of home-grown food for you and your family. But growing food for a late harvest means working with the summer heat.

Let’s take a look at some tips to help your garden succeed even in the heat.

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Layaway Plans To The Rescue

layaway plans for your budgetSo you have your eye on that new rifle. Or maybe it is a dehydrator to help you preserve that harvest you expect from your garden this year. But the price is a bit much to swing all at once. Have you considered layaway plans?

When it comes to making the budget work, a layaway plan can be a real godsend. Separate from your credit card(s), this is a way to arrange an extended payment plan.

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Natural Fertilizer From Your Animals

Compost natural fertilizerIf you are working to feed yourself “off the grid”, then you already probably have an extensive garden. Do you use natural fertilizer for your garden?

You might also be raising small animals and fish for food. Did you know that one of the often-overlooked by-products of raising animals is that you can make excellent natural fertilizer from their waste?

Beats buying chemicals and may make for a healthier harvest all round. But, like anything else, there are a few things to know before diving into the process. It can be a good experience for you – and for your plants. Or you may decide it is not for you after all.

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Knives for Hunting

knives for huntingHunting is as old as time; its constant companion for more than a million years is one of man’s oldest weapons and tools – the knife. If a good, strong hunting knife isn’t on your checklist before heading out with the boys make sure it tops your supply list before your next hunt.

Virtually unchanged since the beginning of time, a strong hunting knife will skin the animal; split the rib-cage and slice through bone and cartilage. With no catch and release in hunting, what you kill you’re taking home with you. [Read more…]

Raising Food Animals

chickens are good food animals

Ready to raise chickens as food animals?

Considering an expansion of your home-grown food sources to include activities like hunting or raising small-food animals? You’re not alone. Even in cities, there is a growing movement for more farm-to-table ingredients – including meat.

Before you jump into raising small food animals on your property, check with your local officials to learn the rules so it’s done legally and properly. If hunting sounds like a better idea, make sure you have the necessary permits and training to do that.

Lastly, some farms sublet parcels of land to individuals or communities for farming. It’s a great way to get your feet wet without the initial upfront cost and to test your time commitment. Plus, you’ll learn a lot from the seasoned veterans. [Read more…]

Survival Gardening the Native American Way

Three sisters - corn, beans, squash

Three sisters – corn, beans, squash

Sometimes, the old way of doing things IS the best way. You don’t have to look for any further evidence than Native American gardening. Studying and applying their methods to your home garden will unearth the secret to growing sustainable food annually for you and your family. Plants will grow more productively.  [Read more…]

With an Edible Landscape, Your Yard Can Feed You

Edible landscape can include edible weeds

Even a “weed” like this purslane can be nutritious food

Thinking about using part of your outdoor space for a kitchen garden? You’re not alone. Every day, more people turn their limited outdoor space or an indoor area into an edible landscape.

We say space restrictions be damned. There are plenty of foods that can be successfully grown in pot, inside or outside all year long. Mix foods that need direct sunlight with those that love the shade to ensure success. Here are some ideas to get your edible landscape started: [Read more…]

Home Defense Strategies Spring Update

home defensive strategies include window treatments

Home defense strategies include window treatments

Spring has officially sprung and for many that means it’s hard to resist throwing open windows and doors to celebrate for months to come. Warmer weather is welcome, but remember that home defense strategies apply in all seasons.

Be honest: you’ve left windows open and back or patio doors unlocked when you’ve run out “for just a sec.” Caution: DON’T DO IT. You might as well put a sign on the front lawn that says “burglars enter here.” It may sound over-the-top, but these are the exact things criminals prey on when casing a neighborhood. [Read more…]

Home Security and Deterrents You Can Use

home security deterrents include not talking too much

Spreading the news can hurt home security

You take care of your family and home. You teach your children the dangers of speaking to strangers. You’ve invested a lot of time and energy to make your home an inviting entertainment space for family/friends. Beyond the classic home security measures most people take, have you ever wondered if your home is really safe? What home security deterrents could you use that you have not thought of?

Sometimes, the very things we do at home are the things that put us most as risk. In this post, we’re going to talk about some things you can do to make sure your home is the safe haven you believe it is. We’re focusing on your behaviors here. Safety is as much about using behavioral home security deterrents as it is about security cameras. [Read more…]