Illegal Guns Arm Criminals

Illegal guns and legal gun showsFind yourself baffled by the ever-changing focus of the gun control debate? So are we. Let’s talk about illegal guns. Gun opponents use violent, gun-related tragic events as the reason that stricter gun laws, including banning civilian-owned guns, are necessary. All while claiming criminals use legal channels to acquire weapons. [Read more…]

Why Can Military Rifles Be Bought?

military rifleIf we’re going to talk about military rifles – and military weapons in general – then we need to talk about Hollywood. Yes, Matt Damon, that means you. How Hollywood uses mighty firepower imagery in must-see blockbuster movies matters. It’s time for Hollywood big shots to stop pointing fingers and start taking responsibility for the false image military-style weapons are getting from the mainstream media. Be part of the solution – not the problem. [Read more…]

Automatic Pistol and the Colt 1911

automatic pistol colt 1911Finding it hard to follow the bashing of firearms by mainstream media and gun opponents? You’re not alone. And we suspect it will become more frustrating as we head into the Presidential election.

But as responsible gun owners/enthusiasts, following the discussion is a necessity. Even while we stand guard, firearms like the Colt 1911 are thrown into the argument with no basis other than the term automatic – a type of firearm with the ability to discharge spent shells, reload and fire again.

If we don’t educate, then who will? As we continue our quest to correct misinformation this week, we’re focusing on the Colt 1911: one of the most, if not THE most, storied handguns made in the USA. And we’re doing it without bias from the mainstream media. [Read more…]

Assault Rifle is Not What The Media Says

assault rifle meaningEver wondered why there’s a disconnect in the discussion around “assault rifle”? Watch the evening news, listen to it on the radio, or read it online/in print, and you’ll have a hear all kinds of confusion. If some members of the Fourth Estate – our free press promised to us under the First Amendment – weren’t so free with their use of words …well, maybe we’d feel a little differently about calling them out when they get the facts wrong.

For some reason, these people, along with certain politicians and supporters don’t believe in holding the individual behind the gun accountable for their actions. Instead, they blame the weapon to push their anti-gun agenda.

But this post is about assault rifles – so let’s get to it. [Read more…]

Break-in Defense – Returning Fire

Break-in Defense FairnessIt’s impossible to discuss guns – even in the context of break-in defense – in any way without first acknowledging the deadliest mass shooting in our nation’s history, and the largest terror attack on U.S. soil since 9/11. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone impacted by the tragic events in Orlando June 12.

We’re not going to say any more on the subject. The outrage and the wounds are too raw. But we’re going to remind you: Guns don’t kill people; people kill people. We don’t say this to be controversial or argumentative.

It’s our belief a firearm laying on a table is an inanimate object. It’s the same inanimate object when held in an individual’s hands. It only becomes something else when the individual holding it makes the decision to pull the trigger. THAT action and the intention of THAT action transforms it. [Read more…]

Layaway Plans To The Rescue

layaway plans for your budgetSo you have your eye on that new rifle. Or maybe it is a dehydrator to help you preserve that harvest you expect from your garden this year. But the price is a bit much to swing all at once. Have you considered layaway plans?

When it comes to making the budget work, a layaway plan can be a real godsend. Separate from your credit card(s), this is a way to arrange an extended payment plan.

[Read more…]

Knives for Hunting

knives for huntingHunting is as old as time; its constant companion for more than a million years is one of man’s oldest weapons and tools – the knife. If a good, strong hunting knife isn’t on your checklist before heading out with the boys make sure it tops your supply list before your next hunt.

Virtually unchanged since the beginning of time, a strong hunting knife will skin the animal; split the rib-cage and slice through bone and cartilage. With no catch and release in hunting, what you kill you’re taking home with you. [Read more…]

Break-In Defense

break-in defense and firearmsShoot-to-wound or shoot-to-kill? That’s the question we’re tackling this week. If someone shoots the intruder in a break-in defense situation, which approach is “right”?

It’s a hot-button and emotional topic for a lot of people. We’re not going there. It’s not our style. We deal in facts – and only the facts – because we know you’re intelligent and responsible gun owners/enthusiasts who can handle the truth. [Read more…]

Self Defense And That 911 Call

call 911 for emergenciesIf you think protecting yourself ends when you strike an assailant in self-defense, think again. That’s just the beginning of your 48-hour self defense protocol. It begins the moment 911 is called.

Whether you’ve struck to disarm or kill the perpetrator, your adrenaline’s rushing. Processing what just happened is overwhelming as you relive the incident in slow-motion and then again at break-neck speed.  Pull yourself together. This isn’t a phone call you want to be ill prepared to handle. [Read more…]

Mentor Shooters Through Their Fear

mentor shooters and deal with their fear

Mentor shooters and deal with their fear

Know someone on the fence about getting a firearm? Or maybe you know of a gun owner too afraid to fire his/her weapon. Sometimes, what’s standing in their way is simple fear. As a gun enthusiast, how do you help them overcome their anxiety so they can become capable gun owners? [Read more…]