With an Edible Landscape, Your Yard Can Feed You

Edible landscape can include edible weeds

Even a “weed” like this purslane can be nutritious food

Thinking about using part of your outdoor space for a kitchen garden? You’re not alone. Every day, more people turn their limited outdoor space or an indoor area into an edible landscape.

We say space restrictions be damned. There are plenty of foods that can be successfully grown in pot, inside or outside all year long. Mix foods that need direct sunlight with those that love the shade to ensure success. Here are some ideas to get your edible landscape started: [Read more…]

Home Defense Training: Why, How, and How Much?

home defense training needs practice

Practice to stay sharp.

So, you’ve made some changes to your home defense strategy and you’re feeling good about the improvements. Think you’re done? Think again. Now, it’s time to hone your mental and physical readiness.

We’ve talked a lot about routinely heading out to the shooting range to keep your sharpshooter skills on the mark, and that’s certainly one way to keep your mind and body connected in case of an emergency. You may be handy with a firearm under normal circumstances, but you still need to focus on defensive training, including shooting on the run, using cover, how to clear a jam, pistol drawing, striking the target, and a quick reload. [Read more…]

Home Defense Strategies Spring Update

home defensive strategies include window treatments

Home defense strategies include window treatments

Spring has officially sprung and for many that means it’s hard to resist throwing open windows and doors to celebrate for months to come. Warmer weather is welcome, but remember that home defense strategies apply in all seasons.

Be honest: you’ve left windows open and back or patio doors unlocked when you’ve run out “for just a sec.” Caution: DON’T DO IT. You might as well put a sign on the front lawn that says “burglars enter here.” It may sound over-the-top, but these are the exact things criminals prey on when casing a neighborhood. [Read more…]

Mentor New Shooters – It’s Good For All

mentoring new shooters

Mentor new shooters – good for you and for them

Do you remember the feeling of being a new shooter? Remember how pumped you were to learn?

The good news is you can have that feeling again by becoming a mentor. Whether you work with a friend or a total stranger, when you mentor new shooters, you’ll benefit as much from the partnership as the newbie. [Read more…]

Home Security and Deterrents You Can Use

home security deterrents include not talking too much

Spreading the news can hurt home security

You take care of your family and home. You teach your children the dangers of speaking to strangers. You’ve invested a lot of time and energy to make your home an inviting entertainment space for family/friends. Beyond the classic home security measures most people take, have you ever wondered if your home is really safe? What home security deterrents could you use that you have not thought of?

Sometimes, the very things we do at home are the things that put us most as risk. In this post, we’re going to talk about some things you can do to make sure your home is the safe haven you believe it is. We’re focusing on your behaviors here. Safety is as much about using behavioral home security deterrents as it is about security cameras. [Read more…]

How To Choose Home Defense Weapons

pistols as home defense weapons

Pistols are a popular choice for home defense weapons

Your family’s safety is first and foremost in your mind when it comes to establishing a home defense strategy. No one is going to walk into your home uninvited and harm your family. Plain and simple. If it occurs, you have an idea of how things will play out. After all, you have your guns. Guns are first in the list of home defense weapons.

Lately, though, you’re wondering is that enough? Should you have other means to defend against intruders? How do you protect your whole family when its’s the middle of the night? Let’s think this through a bit. [Read more…]

Build Your Preparedness Community

build a preparedness community

Create support in your preparedness community

No man, or woman, is an island. Remembering this is important when you develop an emergency preparedness plan. You surround yourself with like-minded people in nearly every aspect of your life so why do THIS in a vacuum? Think about building your preparedness community.

If done correctly, you’ll encircle yourself and your family with logistical, financial and emotional support during a crisis. Sounds simple. It’s not. [Read more…]

Concealed Carry and Home Defense Strategy

home defense strategy of castles

Castles were built with home defense in mind

So, you’re a responsible gun owner who spends time each month at your favorite shooting range getting to know your firearm(s). And you have an emergency home defense strategy for your family, just in case. But are you really prepared to defend your home in a crisis?

Being armed at home and having a firearm in a lock box hidden out-of-sight and out-of-reach are two totally different things – especially when intruders invade your home. [Read more…]

Emergency Communications and OPSEC

Keeping emergency communications secure

Some things should not be shared

When you set up an emergency communications plan for your family, talk about the plan with them. Keeping everything just in your own head won’t help them. But talking about your plans freely with the world may not be in your best interests, either.

It’s wise to know when to keep your trap shut.  So how do you strike the right balance of talking with your family, talking with those who need to know some of your plans, and being silent? Enter: Operational Security Plans (OPSEC).  [Read more…]

Handgun Training For Concealed Carry

Defensive Handgun Training

Why defensive handgun training matters

It’s human nature to be afraid of the unknown. Some people stay locked in their fear. Others choose to educate themselves to the best of their abilities. If you’re carrying a concealed firearm, you need to be in the latter camp.

In our continuing series on concealed carry, we’re going to discuss defensive handgun training and staying connected with your weapon. This training is as important for you as it is for the safety of others in ANY situation. Trivial encounters can escalate quickly. You need to be prepared to defuse a tense situation until law enforcement arrives. [Read more…]