Home Defense Surveillance Ideas

home defense surveillance camerasA (wo)man’s home is his (her) castle. That’s no secret. It dates back as far as anyone can remember. Even in the hustle of today’s busy world – your home is your sanctuary and protecting it from thieves, intruders, fires and everyday life is top priority.

There’s good reason for home defense surveillance. Every 13 seconds a home is burglarized in the U.S. for a total of more than $4 million in lost or stolen property. [Read more…]

Stolen Guns And You

stolen guns are everyone's problemGuns are a lot like dogs; they do more for us they we could ever possibly do for them. Like our responsibility to take care of man’s best friend, we have a duty to keep our guns safe from prying eyes and hands. Stolen guns are a big problem for everyone.

Thinking you’re safe from gun theft because you live somewhere “it would never happen” is downright reckless. Whether you’re willing to admit it or not, where you live has no bearing on gun theft stats. About a million firearms are stolen annually, according to federal stats. [Read more…]

Who Needs A 30 Round Magazine to Hunt Deer?

Hunt deer with what kind of rifle?If you have been following the gun control debate in recent months you probably heard the “common sense gun control” groups ask:  “Who needs a 30-round magazine to hunt deer?”  To the non-deer-hunters in the world this seems to be a fair question.

So let’s start with a fair answer. To be honest – no one needs that.  As a matter of fact many states regulate the number of rounds that hunters can carry in their rifles when hunting deer.  This is also true for bird hunters using shotguns. [Read more…]

Common Sense Self Defense

common sense self defense for your houseIf you’ve got it flaunt it, right? Wrong; though you’d never know from society’s obsession with over-sharing their personal lives on social media. Folks post everything from checking into a restaurant or vacation hot spot to photos of the interior of their home with new flat-screen televisions or gaming systems in the background. Heck, some people even share photos of their new firearms. Time for some common sense self defense pointers.

The truth is: sharing isn’t so bad if you know your EXACT audience. But you don’t; not online or even at the local hardware store. The smallest piece of information can aid a criminal.  [Read more…]

Emergency Plan Contingencies

emergency plan contingencies away from homeThe world is an uncertain place these days. We don’t need to tell you that. We don’t say it to create a panic. We say it so you will think about being prepared for just about anything, including a sudden and unexpected self-defense situation away from home. The best-laid emergency plans can’t consider every potential danger everywhere you go. You get to deal with the situation at hand, whatever that is. [Read more…]

Who Needs A Military Rifle For Self Defense?

military rifle and self defenseWhether it’s the AR-15, Ruger Mini-14 or some other military-style rifle you’re contemplating for self-defense, prepare yourself for a lot of questions. The big one is – why does anyone in their right mind need THAT much power for self-defense? Before you let your mouth get ahead of you, take a deep breath and enlighten your audience. [Read more…]

Illegal Guns Arm Criminals

Illegal guns and legal gun showsFind yourself baffled by the ever-changing focus of the gun control debate? So are we. Let’s talk about illegal guns. Gun opponents use violent, gun-related tragic events as the reason that stricter gun laws, including banning civilian-owned guns, are necessary. All while claiming criminals use legal channels to acquire weapons. [Read more…]

Why Can Military Rifles Be Bought?

military rifleIf we’re going to talk about military rifles – and military weapons in general – then we need to talk about Hollywood. Yes, Matt Damon, that means you. How Hollywood uses mighty firepower imagery in must-see blockbuster movies matters. It’s time for Hollywood big shots to stop pointing fingers and start taking responsibility for the false image military-style weapons are getting from the mainstream media. Be part of the solution – not the problem. [Read more…]

Automatic Pistol and the Colt 1911

automatic pistol colt 1911Finding it hard to follow the bashing of firearms by mainstream media and gun opponents? You’re not alone. And we suspect it will become more frustrating as we head into the Presidential election.

But as responsible gun owners/enthusiasts, following the discussion is a necessity. Even while we stand guard, firearms like the Colt 1911 are thrown into the argument with no basis other than the term automatic – a type of firearm with the ability to discharge spent shells, reload and fire again.

If we don’t educate, then who will? As we continue our quest to correct misinformation this week, we’re focusing on the Colt 1911: one of the most, if not THE most, storied handguns made in the USA. And we’re doing it without bias from the mainstream media. [Read more…]

Assault Rifle is Not What The Media Says

assault rifle meaningEver wondered why there’s a disconnect in the discussion around “assault rifle”? Watch the evening news, listen to it on the radio, or read it online/in print, and you’ll have a hear all kinds of confusion. If some members of the Fourth Estate – our free press promised to us under the First Amendment – weren’t so free with their use of words …well, maybe we’d feel a little differently about calling them out when they get the facts wrong.

For some reason, these people, along with certain politicians and supporters don’t believe in holding the individual behind the gun accountable for their actions. Instead, they blame the weapon to push their anti-gun agenda.

But this post is about assault rifles – so let’s get to it. [Read more…]