Homestead Medicine – Beyond The First Aid Kit

Homestead medicine

Injuries may need more than medicine

When injuries happen around the homestead, professional medical attention is not always necessary or affordable or even available. What would you do in the event that medical help was not available when you sprained an ankle or broke a toe? It is all too common to sustain injuries that interfere with the work you need to do every day.

Homestead medicine has been used in a practical form for ages and much of it is common sense combined with a keen sense of survival and the practicality of knowing what you need to have on hand. Some of what to have on hand is medicinal – antiseptics, pain relievers, bandages, etc. But none of those medicines will improve your mobility if you can’t stand or bear weight on a foot. [Read more…]

Best $3,000 List of Shooting Accessories

ATN Corporation PVS7 CGT night vision goggle

ATN Corporation PVS7 CGT night vision goggle

Night vision shooting accessories will improve your nighttime capabilities tremendously. In the $3,000 range, these types of shooting accessories are lightweight and tough. The glass used is dust-proof, waterproof, and shock resistant. With this kind of budget, you can get some of the best designed accessories for the most challenging night time operations. [Read more…]

How to Buy Emergency Food And Keep A Low Profile

Where do you get your emergency food

FEMA emergency food storage containers

Are you ready for an emergency situation during which your family will need a food supply? There is a potential chance that FEMA, or other government aid agencies, will not be able to help you during a disaster. So what do you do if you can’t rely on the government to provide you necessary resources without becoming a target for looters? Let’s find out. [Read more…]

Best $1,000 List of Shooting Accessories

The Armasight Vampire 3X CORE Night Vision Riflescope is an excellent example of shooting accessories in the $1000 range

Armasight Vampire 3X CORE Night Vision Riflescope

Upgrading with shooting accessories will make your firearm more enjoyable and effective. These are shooting accessories in the $1,000 range that offer the most practicality and advantages.

  • Telescopic Sights/Optics
  • Low to Mid-Range Night Vision Optics

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Best $500 List of Shooting Accessories

Bushnell 6x21 G Force DX 1300 Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell 6×21 G Force DX 1300 Laser Rangefinder

When you have $500 to spend on shooting accessories, the products in this list will give you the most value:

  • Red Dot Sights
  • Night Vision Optics with Infrared Illuminators
  • Spotting Scopes
  • Laser Rangefinders

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How To Store Emergency Food So It Stays Edible

How to store emergency food - photo credit "PreservedFood1". Licensed under Public Domain via Commons -

Wondering how to store emergency food? You’ll need more than your grandmother’s pantry.

Buying in bulk is the least expensive way to buy some foods but how do you store it once you get it home? Don’t ruin the deal by wasting the food. Learning how to store emergency food for the long-term is a crucial part of your prepper education.

Whether it is food you have purchased or have grown, packaging your food well will help you handle it more easily, more safely, and for a longer duration than simply storing it in bulk. [Read more…]

How to Buy a Gun Online

Buy a gun online to get the best price and selectionThe world is changing with the evolution of online shopping. Many brick and mortar stores keep their inventory small, in order to make ends meet in this economic climate. If you shop locally, you may not be able to find what you are looking for so easily. By the time you do find it, it may have a higher demand, therefore increasing the price. Why not purchase your next gun online? Let’s go over some important points on how to buy a gun online. [Read more…]

No Drugstores? Survival and Natural Remedies

Survival and natural remedies include lavender - photo credit Trish Steel [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Natural remedies like lavender can be cultivated.

You have your survival food stocked.  Your water purification method is ready. Other survival gear is collected but what about your medical needs? Have you prepared for those by thinking about survival and natural remedies? What will you have on hand for survival situations?

There are limits to what you can accumulate and store safely. So knowing how to take advantage of natural remedies, generally renewable and available, can make a big difference. Adding these items to your survival medicine kit will give you additional ammunition when fighting off colds, treating illnesses, scrapes and bruises and surviving in the absence of modern medicine. [Read more…]

Best $250 List of Shooting Accessories

When you have $250 to spend on shooting accessories, focus on products in this list to maximize your value:

  • Tactical Stocks & Grips
  • Red Dot Sights & Scopes
  • Magazines & Loaders
  • Reloading Equipment & Supplies

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Healthy Prepping for Survival

Healthy prepping includes eating right

Healthy prepping begins with what you eat today

Are you “prepping” or are you “healthy prepping?” Your well-being can easily be taken for granted, especially when you are in good health. This can be difficult to maintain in the best of conditions, and downright impossible in bad conditions. Prepping has gotten more popular in recent years, due mainly to Hollywood. Despite the drama, it is vital to take it seriously. Prepping boils down to one basic thing: being ready to survive in any circumstance. [Read more…]